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Re: The Trek fan film you always wanted to see..?

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Every last damn one of the fan films these days is really just a "fan pilot" and it's gotten to be tiresome. I'd love to see a single story arc begun, continued and resolved over the course of one film in a satisfying manner. If it does well, then, certainly they can revisit it but for the first outing, I'd like something simple and good.
I think it' simply a sad sign of the times. Granted Phase II are still up and running, Star Trek Continues have released some shorts and have filmed a full-length episode and of course Intrepid film regularly but fanfilms are a hobby project, done by volunteers and out of work hours when people can get together.

I though totally get what you mean, we had a steady regular output with the Hidden Frontier series, but Rob Caves admitted he nearly went bankrupt. They provided us with a meaty storyline with characters you could take time to invest in and develop - not enough people recognise that I feel.

Abot 6/7 years ago we had a quite steady flow of Farragut (which is still running too), Hidden Frontier, New Voyages even though episodes were 1 a year updated their website regularly (though they film every June and September, their Facebook regularly tells of news). People are very busy.

All of these groups shared personel and it was like an international community. I miss that.

A lot of independent groups are starting up - Star Trek Phoenix for example was very high brow and ths took a lot to put together; there's Axanar, Ironsides, Ajax and a few ot hers including 24th Century series just coming together. I think they intend to go on WHEN THEY CAN.

I love fan films, makers and the work that they do - I hope to join in someday, but as a viewer things I acknowledge all the good work still being done by various people, but I feel overall - and please people don't get offended by this - things aren't what they were.
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