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Re: Dallas - Season 2

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doubleohfive wrote: View Post what you're saying is you want John Ross to be more like Omri Katz in that scene, wanting to work with J.R. and being universally adoring and devoted to his father.
No, I want someone more like an actor that understands the basics of acting, like projecting his voice and emoting more professionally than Darla from the Little Rascals. I want someone who actually bothered to learn a Texas accent, which you'd expect to hear from someone born and raised in Texas.

Did you miss the bits during season one where they explained that J.R. and John Ross had grown apart?
That would make John Ross rebellious, not an incompetent pussy, which is the route Josh and the writers seem to have taken with him.

Ultimately though, this really just boils down to our respective interpretations of Henderson's acting and the way the character of John Ross is written by the show's writers. Who knows? All these issues you seem to be having might just be part of the writer's arc for the character. Certainly I think we should be giving the show some leeway for having to alter course and accommodate for Hagman's untimely passing, but I still think you're way off. Agree to disagree, I guess.
I wasn't the one that ran to one of the sons' defense, double-0. I was willing to let live ages ago.
Wow, lighten up, Francis. What part of "agree to disagree" did you not get?
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