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when was the last time you heard of a priest forcing a child into poverty?

I think there is a trickle down effect of the church's failure to tackle child sexual abuse that will impact their tackling of poverty. I know I will no longer support Catholic charities whereas 10 years ago I would have looked at them very favourably. The other day I was asked if I wanted to buy some jam from a stall run by elderly ladies from the local Catholic parish, the money was going to some Catholic children's mission in a third world country. In the past I would have handed them 10.00 on the spot. This time I told them no, and I told them why. Remote PNG parish, vulnerable children, priests.. all I can think of is what a field day a pedophile priest would have there. We know some of the most heinous offenders are sent overseas to third world parishes when their reputation becomes too hot to keep them in their country of origin.

I'm just one person, I donate around 1000 dollars a year to overseas charities aimed at education, poverty and medical issues. I've always done that even when I was at my first world poorest, I've been sponsoring a child for 15 years (not the same child, I'm on my third sponsorship). I know abuse happens in all kinds of organizations but it so systemic and widespread in the Catholic church that I will never knowingly give them another cent. And I reckon there are quite a few people who will walk right past the Catholic jam stall for the same reasons as me. People are angry, people are thinking twice about where their money goes and at this point with the complete fail of the Catholic church to deal with this horror it is only going to get worse.

In my own city one of the poorest parishes has had SIX abuser priests in a row. This is six priests known to be abusers placed in that parish, an area where there are sure to be vulnerable children. This is the stuff of riots IMO and I'm sorry that people are too passive or helpless feeling to vent their anger in a way that makes the church pay attention.. instead you have dwindling attendance. I'd rather have a demonstration that went on for weeks on the steps of the church and the entire suburb aware and engaged in the issue.

So yes, if the pope does not make this the priority he is a worthless piece of shit. There's nothing wrong with being angry and using strong language, we are talking about thousands of children raped over the last couple centuries and very little done to change it. The very simple bottom line is the Catholic church never calls the cops! They don't turn their own people over to the law. I know the police in my state have said they have never received a call about abusers from the church itself, a church clearly aware that abuse has taken place. How insane is it that church leaders can waffle on about how tragic this is and something must be done but the obvious call of reporting a rapist to the authorities never happens.

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