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Re: Space Seed Lost Scenes

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Is this stuff legit? How and where exactly would the "McCoy teaches Kirk how to use glasses" scene fit into "Space Seed"? And is it really confirmed that Carey Wilber wrote the original story only two weeks after the premiere of the show?
There are two drafts of the story outline in the Roddenberry files at UCLA. One is dated 8/29/66; the other is dated 9/1/66. Those were both finished before the show premeired in the United States.

The story linked to in the original post, however, references the first draft of the script. The one in the Roddenberry files is dated 12/7/66, a couple of months -- not weeks -- after the show premiered. There's also a final draft (credited to Coon and Roddenberry) in the Bob Justman files, dated 12/13/66, at least according to the finding aid.

I have no doubt that their findings are legitimate. They're not trying to prove an argument as far as I can tell, so there really isn't any reason for the two academics to falsify their research.
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