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Re: Lindelof On The Mysterious Harrison

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It tells us that when his identity is revealed it will be a big moment- someone known even to casual Trek viewers as bad ass.

It ain't Muddy nor Mitchell.
Not necessarily. He could turn out to be Pike's bastard son, or someone.
Yes, necessarily. It's an adventure movie, not a soap opera.
It's not necessary to be so dismissive and arrogant about it all the time. Especially since you've been this way with both peple saying he is Khan and with people saying he isn't Khan at different times. Are you going to apologize to the folks you've treated harshly who said it's not Khan when it's discovered it isn't or if it turns out he actually is Khan, are you goig to apologize to those you teated harshly who said he is Khan?

What is so Soap Opera-y about taking all the "Family" references that have been made literally. Plus that was merely an example of an alternative type meaning to "Who he is". I don't pretend to know better than everyone else, I'm merely saying that interview is not proof positive "Who he is" means it's a named Canon person, and even if he is, Khan is no guaratee
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