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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

5x18-The Warrior: Following the lead of Teal'C another Jaffa has started a resistance against the Gou'ald. Upon hearing of this faction SG-1 and Master Bra'tac set off to introduce themselves. The leader, K'yanto(sp) is very charismatic and soon has Teal'C and Bra'tac ready to follow his lead to the point that O'Neill has to remind Teal'C he's also SG-1. As Teal'Cs language had begun to sound as if he were joining up with K'yanto. The real secret here is that K'yanto isn't a Jaffa at all but a Gou'ald posing as one in order to wipe out the Jaffa resistence. Pretty good episode and it shows Teal'C perhaps has emotions still very much on his sleeve to be pulled in so easily to K'yanto's ruse.

5x19-Menace: SG-1 gates to a dead world where one life form is found in a state of stasis. She is an artificial construct and once awakened back at SGC she reveals her name is Reese. There is some debate if she is all android or one whose had their consciousness downloaded into a robot, as
once happened to them. The twist in the episode is that her creator made her so well, with such a grasp of nanotech that Reese herself if actually the progenitor of the Replicators!! The Replicators broke free of her control, wiped out her planet and left her alone but moved out into the universe. She creates an army of Replicators and is going to try and leave through the Stargate but her new generation of Replicators are also starting to break free of her control. A clear shot is made, she is "killed" and the Replicators fall silent. I like this for no other reason than they gave us an interesting Ground Zero for the Replicators. Created by a being who was alone and only wanted friends but created monsters in actuality.

5x20-The Sentinel: This episode revisits Maybourne's defunct team of rouges who were stealing alien tech while masquerading as SG away teams. A peaceful planet that solely relied on a mechanical construct, called the Sentinel, to protect it is unaware it no longer works till a Gou'ald mothership shows up and the Sentinel isn't working. Two of Maybourne's team is still in prison and are the ones who actually dismantled the key hardware/software of the Sentinel. They are pressed into service to repair the damage. While the episode as a whole was mediocre I like the theme. What happens when you depend on technology so much that you can no longer do anything for yourself, such as defend yourself. What did we do before Google, for example? Over dependency on any one thing isn't good.

5x21-Meridian: SG-1 finds a planet willing to share technology freely, thus fulfilling their primary objective. However, there are some tensions and during an experiment Daniel is exposed to lethal doses of radiation. Daniel is then framed as having been a saboteur and the SG-1 team seeks to clear his name. Daniel had actually warned their new friends about proceeding and after the accident saved several scientists by "pulling a Spock" and exposing himself to radiation in order to help others. Daniel is in such bad shape that Jack Carter of the Tok'ra is brought in and he reveals Daniel is too far gone. Daniel in a vision to Jack says to stop trying and let him ascend. Daniel dies at the end of the episode. I'm guessing he's as dead as Teal'C was that one time though.

5x22-Revelations: This is episode is one part epilogue to the passing of Daniel Jackson and revelations about the Asgardians. It also brings about the return of Osiris who is searching for a secret Asgardians lab for secrets to steal. Little does she know the secrets the lab is keeping pertain to bringing fresh DNA into the Ancients gene pool. I love that the overseer of the lab is Heimdall. Seems they lost the ability to reproduce some time ago and each Asgardian you see is actually a clone. The well preserved body of an Asgardian from before the genetic breakdown has been discovered. Thor has been captured by Osiris and is being interrogated by implanting a device in his brain. Anubis has also arrived and insists they will find what they seek and they are indeed getting close. All hell is breaking lose, the lab is breached, a somewhat typical escape is made and Freyr shows up with reinforcements and Anubis flees. One of the last "revelations" here is that the tech used to implant on Thor is like no technology even the Asgardians have seen. So, just who has Anubis met? I'm guessing ultimately Anubis is just a pawn of some greater foe I'm likely to meet in S6. The episode concludes with SG-1 all talking about getting some dinner and coming to terms with their loss of Daniel. As they are awaiting the elevator a gentle breeze washes over them....Daniel.

So this episode isn't a typical cliffhanger. I'm guessing cause it's the Showtime finale? At any point there are cliff hanging elements. Whose this new technology foe? Can the Asgardians supercharge their DNA, maybe breed again? And of course the resurrection of Daniel Jackson. I kinda expected it in Revelations honestly but I guess it's part of the plan to get you over to the Sci-Fi channel. I'm assuming they knew before season 5 ended they were going there right? Or was this a possible series finale?


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