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Re: What would a TOS spin off look like

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But maybe I'm misunderstanding you again.

When you say "people want to project time travel onto Gary Seven", do you mean "some people want Gary Seven to be constantly whisking about from future to past and back again"? Because I already agreed that that's not how Gary Seven was shown to be.

But, if when you say "people want to project time travel onto Gary Seven", you mean "some people want Gary Seven to be capable of time travel", then I'd have to say, yeah in the context of his organization that's gotta be true, because that's based on what they fed us in A:E.
I'm responding to the comment in post #7, to wit, "Really Assignment: Earth is Dr. Who but primarily Earth-based as a cost saving measure." My point is that equating A:E with Doctor Who is completely incorrect, and that the reason people tend to make that mistake, aside from superficial similarities like the servo vis-a-vis the sonic screwdriver, is that they tend to assume that A:E would've been a series driven by time travel, or misremember the details of the episode and believe that Gary was from another time to begin with. Which is simply not the case. The original, half-hour version was time-travel-based (and had some rather problematical bits with Gary using his temporal technology to undo bad things that happened), but the later, Roddenberry/Wallace version was not.

So I'm not saying that Gary wouldn't have been capable of time travel on occasion. I mean, come on, time travel is the most overused trope in all of SF, so of course there would've been some time travel if the show had gone to series, as I have already acknowledged in post #18. Hell, Star Trek did time travel three times in the first season alone. But the point is that the series wouldn't have been defined by time travel any more than ST was, and thus 22 Stars's assertion that A:E was "really" Doctor Who is simply not true. It's a common belief about A:E, but it's a myth.
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