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Re: NFL 2013 Off-Season Discussion

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Did Flacco's elite contract completely screw up the Ravens that much? I thought you were supposed to blow up losing teams, not Super Bowl champions.
It isn't the Flacco deal. Ozzie Newsome is no fool, and he's a long-term, big-picture kind of GM. He wasn't going to completely fuck the team's salary cap for several years in some misguided hope of a repeat. It made sense to dump Boldin once he wouldn't renegotiate his deal, for example. The big stunner was losing Ellerbe.

In any event, I guarantee you that their draft is going to be very defensively focused.
Got it. I can't say I follow the inner workings of many teams beyond the Bears so I figured the Ravens would be doing what most teams would do in this situation and do everything they can to repeat as champions. Definitely wiser to look at the big picture and not completely screw yourself over long-term by giving huge short-term salaries but it's amazing how so few teams do that.
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