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Re: 80's albums that hold up on any level

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There are certain 80s albums I still find enjoyable but which sound a bit dated because of certain "faddish" musical flourishes, most notably the synthesizer.
That snapping sound on the 1 and 3 beats where you used to get the sound of a snare drum and lots of echo, two 80's musical characteristics -- also, schmaltzy over dramatized lyrics. When I hear the aforementioned on a recording I immediately think, uh oh, the 80's. I may actually like the song, but to say it "holds up" when it sounds so dated seems like a contradiction to me.
For example: U2, REM and Springsteen all had huge albums in the 80s but I wouldn't consider any of their music dated.
I would agree. There are others too but I'm too lazy to give it enough thought to come up with some names. Not all great 80's music had the 80's cliches.
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