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The Trek fan film you always wanted to see..?

Is there a Star Trek film/episode/audio idea that you haven't seen yet?

I've got one.

I've always loved the Shatnerverse novels and the idea of on older Kirk living in the 24th Century, and enjoyed looking at photomanips of him in the First Contact uniform - that would mean a whole new chapter in his life after the Academy Years, Five Year Mission and movies.

I tried writing a treatment years ago called STAR TREK: LATER VOYAGES and it involved Picard, Janeway, Spock and other characters. The main thing I couldn't get right were the enemy. I know we had THE WAY BACK animation film, but so far they have released 3 chapters, last one was 2007.

Originally it was based on the 'Bring Back Kirk' trailer, but I reworked it, because if it was post-Nemesis or even post-Odyssey then we know we'd be losing Spock, and also the adventures would be about some quite elderly men, no offence, but would that work?

Basically it would featre an altenate Kirk, Spock, Scotty, Uhura and Sulu coming from an alternate universe in 2270 where they were at war with the Klingons. The war's been going a fair few months, just months so the timeline hasn't diverged THAT much, they are in a shutte on the way to the nuteral zone when they slip through a portal into the Prime Universe in c.2382 where they're found by the Enterprise-E. They learn of the new technology/history/politics for a year or so before being assigned a new ship to begin a new mission of exploration. It's like the 2009 movie but the other way round!

Part of the idea is that after Voyager EMH's are more trusted and valued so Kirk's is modelled, personality and all on Dr Leonard H McCoy. Think Rimmer from Red Dwarf

If I were to do it now - and if the right ideas could come together - I'd love to see this as a trilogy, the second and third being 'back to exploring' adventures with Ambassador Spock and a whole new crew. I could imagine lookalikes such as Carl Sheldon and Giles Aston playing roles to try and make the experience look more authentic.

What other ideas would you like to see?
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