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Re: Veronica Mars Movie - Kickstarter

Certainly this is good news, and way to go Veronica Mars fans for making it happen.

Let me be clear - I'm happy for you guys. The one poster who dedicated $200 to this effort - wow, that's love!

My earlier concerns were, I think, valid though. Having had a night to think on it, I think my concern really becomes more tangentially forward than what I initially mentioned yesterday. I still think Warner Bros. is cheap and that they could have easily funded a project like this had they wanted to, but I understand it was more about gauging interest. That being said, there is still a troubling eventuality that could still happen if this becomes a regular thing for the filmmaking process that still unnerves me.

Filmmaking has always been a commercial business, and investors paying for the cost of a film always has had the tradeoff that the investors get to have a say in how things are done. It's why studio executives and network executives can rewrite and reshape television episodes left and right - they're the ones footing the bill. Likewise, why there are in many cases "theatrical" cuts and "director's" cuts of films. Someone somewhere along the way had more clout and got to have things done their way.

At a certain point, it won't be too far a leap to find ourselves not only living in a world where not only the studios but the fans themselves will be paying for the production of these films. And when that starts to become more and more regularly practiced, fans are going to want to have more say in what gets made. And how it gets made. It will take the very concept and act of creating content into a whole new territory.

I mean, not to be all doom'n'gloom-y about it, but we as fans have a terrible, terrible track record. Let's put aside for a moment the very real fact (whether you believe it or not) that realistically, unless you work in Hollywood, it's very unlikely that you actually do "understand" exactly, "how" the business works. Let's instead focus and look at Star Trek. Can you imagine how much worse the reaction to Enterprise would have been had fans donated money to that show to keep it going? How much more would we resent and loathe Rick Berman for it? Look at Babylon Five and JMS - the guy still --still!-- insists that Paramount stole the idea for Deep Space Nine from him. How much more outrage would there have been if he'd been perpetuating that rumor for the last 20 years (as he has been) if we had all plunked down our own hard earned cash?

I realize this is all hypothetical and I realize there's an element of worrywarting I'm doing and I realize it might be too academic a discussion for most to be concerned with, and I also fully recognize that there will be those reading this thread who will take umbrage to my comment about not getting "how" the biz actually works, but it is a concern.

It should be a concern.

For me personally, my fandom has waned significantly over the years mainly due to the infighting, the vitriol, the sometimes outright embarrassing way some of the fans I've encountered conduct themselves in public, and frankly, the innate stupidity I see demonstrated by fans here and elsewhere.

I don't for a second believe that things are going to improve on that front if we, as fans, start to become contributors to the very content we dissect and complain about on a daily basis. Likewise I don't think its necessarily a bad thing that there are more and more new ways to produce new, original content, but I do think it's something we should be wary of.

Just my two cents.

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