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Re: A parade of spaceships...

In the past I would have agreed upon the lack of detail in resin castings.

However, when I received "replacement" parts for my AMT "Mr. Spock" assembly kit earlier this week, I stared dumbfounded! The replacement phaser gripped within a right hand had all sorts of recessed detail one can not achieve with rigid metallic molds. Silicone molds were used with such exacting precision that the 1/12th scale phaser had a needle thin beam emitter. (Of course, the resin has to be of a decent quality to produce such tiny shapes.)

The forerunner of JT-Graphics explained the originals were "modeled" in ZBrush and then "3D printed". Those pieces served as the masters around which the silicone molds were cured. Those, in turn have been casting the final resin pieces.

Yes, I've seen many a garage kit that looked rather crude and amorphous, but 3D printing has really changed the game.


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