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Re: Dallas - Season 2

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First of all, Jon Ross doesn't have a soul patch. That was Vicente, when he was known more readily as "Tony Almeida" on 24. (If you're going to make a point, try to get the nomenclature right.)
Whatever, dude. It's an overmanicured tuft of facial hair whose sole purpose is to make dumb girls swoon. I'm not impressed. Daddy did that clean-shaven.

Secondly, what you see as "whiny" I see as "fiery and unpredictable."
Tomayto, tomahto...I'm sticking with tomayto.

He's absolutely his father's son,
No he's not. That's my overall point! He does not come across as any son of JR Ewing! His performance doesn't even match the little boy's in the clip I posted. That's an interaction between a father and son!

And I never said I liked Jesse Metcalfe. I don't like either character or either actor. I simply hold them to different standards. Neither one will ever live up to the stature of their predecessors. I just think Josh Henderson has fallen farther short than Metcalfe has.
Well to be fair, (and with due respect to Patrick Duffy) Larry Hagman left an indelible, impossible to recreate character in his wake. Of course John Ross was going to be a tough order to fill. What did you expect?
I expect what I've been wanting from the beginning: a better portrayer. I'm not convinced that nobody could ever play JR's son convincingly, but I'm pretty damn convinced that Josh Henderson can't.
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