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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

I get why they are spewing propaganda, I just don't like listening to it. It just makes me angry. A lot of the propaganda we've seen from Earth so far has basically needed everyone to have a labotomy in order to be the least bit effective. Atleast if it was subtle I might not get so annoyed. but, its prety much "Is there a flood in your area? The aliens did it!", "Are you suffering from heartburn? Its those rebels on mars who caused it", "Did your mother pass away at the too young age of 105? Blame the minbari". Thats only a slight exaggeration of what has actually been said. Its just way too over the top. I'll probably just watch it normally, and just use the fast forward button when the propaganda starts to make me want to break something.

Anyway, I still have an episode to go before getting to that one. It seems like it will be the beginning of the new Earth drama. Hopefully it will handle it a bit better than the earlier episodes before B5 went independant. Still, Koenig is in it, so I'm sure it will be decent, atleast.
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