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Re: What would a TOS spin off look like

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Really? I mean, do we know for sure that the Gary Seven in Assignment: Earth hasn't been on time traveling adventures?
In the novels and comics, he certainly has, thanks to my colleagues Greg Cox and Howard Weinstein. And I've built on their work to flesh out Gary's organization a bit more in one of my own novels, Department of Temporal Investigations: Watching the Clock. But I'm talking about the actual episode. The very passage you quote makes it clear that the version of Gary we got in the episode was a native of the 20th century, just not a native of Earth. Time travel would've certainly been a possibility had A:E gone to series -- indeed, probably an inevitability, as it has been in most SF shows over the decades -- but the point is that the final version of Gary Seven was not fundamentally defined as a time traveler the way the Doctor is, or the way half-hour/non-Trek pilot Gary would've been. Nor was he an independent operator or a vagabond like the Doctor. He was a trained and disciplined operative of a powerful alien organization, sent to operate undercover on the planet where his ancestors had been born.

For the record, when I mentioned Gary's "sonic screwdriver" upthread, I was teasing. I didn't think for a second that either ripped off the other.
Good for you. But there are other people out there who have made that assumption, so it's worth remarking on just in case any other readers of this thread are unclear on the matter.
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