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Re: Voyager again, for the first time


Pretty meh episode for me. Basically boils down to 'don't let science blind you to other possibilities regarding an afterlife'. I'm not sure why the episode didn't really sit with me, maybe it was Harry, or the subject matter is something I've long made up my mind on but just didn't do much for me.

Also there's some rather terrible dialogue in a few places. In the same conversation a few of the Vhnori yo-yo between 'we don't transcend?' to 'you're from the other side!'. Especially the high priest/scientist, who does about two 180s in his conversation when he and Kim have their first proper chat about it.

On the flip side, that Bajoran that's been hanging around since the start has a name. I hadn't realised how much build up there was to Seska. I remember the pay-off (it was one of my best mates favourite thing about season 1 of Voyager when it first aired) but to see this much scene setting is very cool.

Addendum: Probably going to take a few days off from Voyager. I've got a bunch of other shows I need to catch up on, and while I read New Frontier: Martyr it seems like a perfect spot to take a break.

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