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Re: Veronica Mars Movie - Kickstarter

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Am I the only one that liked the original movie idea better, the one it's graduation day and VM has to solve a mystery.

The current idea of VM not solving crimes for 6-7 years after she lost the election for her day is silly. I rather she finish college and become an FBI agent like the lame 4th season would have been.
Judging from the video in the Kickstarter, I could still buy Kristen Bell and Jason Dohring as college students. I don't know how much the other cast members who are supposed to be college age have aged.

But I'm hopeful they'll come up with something worthwhile since they're free to do pretty much whatever they want without much studio interference.
I could still buy most of them being in college if Kristen Bell loses her baby weight. That video s rather old as she is due to give birth sometime soon. They just need some makeup.

But the kickstarted thing already explains what the movie will be about...

Life has taken Veronica away from Neptune. In the years since spoiling Keith's chances to be reelected sheriff, Veronica hasn't taken a case. But something big is about to bring her back home and back to her calling. My goal is to include as many of your favorite characters as possible. It is, after all, time for Veronicaís 10-year high school reunion. Keep in mind that the more money we raise, the cooler movie we can make. A two million dollar fundraising total probably means cross words are exchanged at the class reunion. Three million? We can afford a full-on brawl. Ten million? Who knows... For some reason the Neptune High class reunion takes place on a nuclear submarine! A Hobbit shows up! Thereís a Bollywood end-credit dance number! Iíve always wanted to direct Bill Murray. Weíll figure out something cool. Hey, if that total goes high enough, Iíll bet the good folks at Warner Bros. will agree a sequel is a good idea.
To me it seems stupid that VM would just give up helping people for so long. Where has she been working? What did she do for the rest of college? She ran away and cried? It was an election, worst has happened.
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