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Re: A parade of spaceships...

It would be nice to see some of these as production kits. I have no experience with resin kits, but from little I've seen I didn't really care for them. They don't seem to have the same crisp detailing and shapes as styrene kits. Of course maybe the pics I've seen are of mediocre resin kits and/or mediocre builds.

I can understand why many of these subjects mightn't make it to kit form because many of them are obscure. So that leaves it in the hands of those willing to produce garage kits (more expensive?) or scrathbuilds. Now to that hand decent drawings could easily be made available for those willing to try either one.

I also have to add that it could be challenging to make truly accurate replicas of these ships. The Flash Gordon ship is a good example. All that's left to go by are the serials to try to get the shapes and details right. In terms of interiors it changed drastically during the run of the serials so which one do you follow? And in many cases (like my control panel) details and true shapes are obscured and not easily discernible. For myself I'm left to "best guess" it and approximate. Then what about colours? It's b&w so other than skin tone anything else is pretty much up for grabs.

And there are inconsistencies though sometimes not large. In the first episode during take-off only Dr. Zarkov has a seat while Flash and Dale have to stand up and use hand-holds(!!!). Yet later while in flight two extra seats for Flash and Dale have magically appeared. So which is it? I'm opting for the three seats on my model.

I admit much of the interior on my 3D model is adaptation and even outright invention on my part. Although the screencaps give me an idea of what the interior looks like in the central part of the ship I don't think we saw beyond that rearward. So from what little I can see I extrapolated and "filled in the blanks." I'm also left to contradict what is shown onscreen because of blatant inconsistencies. The overhead bulkhead of the forward compartment in no way matches the exterior with those large overhead windows so I'm left to defer to one or the other. Since the exterior never changed (in that respect) throughout the whole time it appeared I went with that and reconciled the interior to be consistent. Of course the filmmakers simplified the interior in some ways to facilitate construction, but I don't have that concern. I'm treating the design as an integrated whole in similar fashion as I did with my TOS shuttlecraft plans.

Still a WIP, but here is my emerging rocketship control panel for Flash Gordon's ship. The colours are my guess since I'm working from b&w stills. The shape of the pedestal probably isn't exact either, but I can't get a really good look at it in the screen caps.

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