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Re: Veronica Mars Movie - Kickstarter

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It's pretty incredible how much money has been raised, certainly... but there are also just as many issues I am having with this. Why the hell does Warners need to use kickstarter of all things to get this project going? Do they really expect anyone to believe for a single moment they don't have the cash to make this movie?
It goes beyond gauging audience interest. Warner realized they could get press for doing a Kickstarter, raise a budget without having to pay it back, and get nothing but profit with a VOD / home release. It's a perfect plan, if you have a fanatical nerd base, not to mention all the double dipping: People buying the digital release for $35 and then the DVD / Blu-ray when it comes out for all the extras.

I'm not saying it's a good thing, but it's a brilliant move on WB's part.
Or you can just pay $50 and get the script, a T-shirt, the digital copy and the DVD with all kinds of extras.

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Also, there's no good reason to hate it. Indifference, maybe, but what could possibly be so offensive about one of the better 90s SF shows?
I've seen all four seasons of the main show and think the dialogue is piss-poor and doesn't resemble anything you'd hear in real conversations and the "acting" aside from the actors who played Londo and G'Kar even worse. I know my opinion's far from the majority so just take it for what it is.
There are 5 seasons.

Am I the only one that liked the original movie idea better, the one it's graduation day and VM has to solve a mystery.

The current idea of VM not solving crimes for 6-7 years after she lost the election for her day is silly. I rather she finish college and become an FBI agent like the lame 4th season would have been.
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