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Re: Galaxy 4 Ep3 "Air Lock" - Rate & Discuss

My copy finally arrived this morning. I’ve been looking forward to this since they announced the recovery over a year ago (it has been a ridiculously long wait). The reconstruction worked well, it was good that the extended clip from Episode 1 was worked in. There were a couple points however the captions on the stills were oddly patronising. “Steven reaches for the rock”- I kind of got that impression from the outstretched hand; “The Doctor and Steven exchange glances”- yes I can see they are looking at each other! It would have been good if they had an option to view the episode in isolation of the reconstruction, but I glad they didn’t integrate the whole thing as an omnibus as I thought they were going to from reading the description.

It maybe was not the most scintillating Doctor Who but still cool to see something from a story thought lost for good.
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