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Re: What would a TOS spin off look like

Christopher;7800736then Spock might've ended up taking over the show the way Fonzie later took over [I wrote:
Happy Days[/I].
Yeah, and we remember how well that worked: Fonzie solves all problems like a resident psychologist...and the "aaayyyyy!!" business. Thankfully, TOS focused on the friendship/teamwork of Kirk and Spock.

I don't know why people say that. Sure, in the rejected pilot version, Gary Seven was a time traveler, but in the version we know, he wasn't. There are some coincidental similarities to the early-'70s phase of Doctor Who where the Third Doctor was exiled to Earth and working with UNIT to defend present-day Earth, but that was not a typical period of Who history, and it was itself something of an imitation of the popular Professor Quatermass serials.
I was going to post something along the same lines, but thanks for adding the historical perspective. Some fans honestly forget--specifcally, the Doctor's third incarnation (Pertwee) and hip, somewhat flummoxed assistant (Jo Grant of his three companions) could be said to be patterned after Gary 7/Roberta than the other way around, since the Roddenberry/Wallace story predated the Pertwee Who by some time.

Then, there's the G7 Servo / Sonic Screwdriver matter, which you covered. There's no reason for anyone to believe G7 was based on Doctor Who.
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