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Re: star trek 3 without jjabrams

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Star Trek 09 didn't make twice it's budget money back in domestic gross (going by the estimated $150 million budget figures - if it was lower, then never mind), and compared to other recent franchise pictures, even the worldwide gross was pretty small to average.
385 million dollars is not "pretty small to average". Not only is it a lot of money, it makes Star Trek the most successful movie in the franchise domestically, internationally and adjusted for ticket sale inflation.
Looked at as money, yes, it's a lot (more than I'll ever see in my lifetime). Looked at as "how much profit," it isn't. The domestic box office gross was, again, not even double the cost to make the film (take out the huge publicity budget and it covered even less). That's what made TWOK a bigger success than TMP even though TMP made more actual money. For Star Trek, the 2009 box office was a fricking miracle. For other big budget action flicks, it's a drop in the bucket. Superman Returns made about $200 million, which is a lot of money. Except, that's what the film cost to make. So it was considered unsuccessful.

Considering what these established brand tentpole films haul in, $300 million domestic is just about average, but if you want to factor in worldwide (which you did), Star Trek came in far below. Trek never does as well overseas, not even JJ Abrams' version. When you consider Skyfall, The Dark Knight's, Transformers and some of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies made over a BILLION dollars in the international markets, Star Trek was a massive underperformer. With the good word of mouth from the last film and the successful previews, I'm sure Into Darkness will bring in more money than the last one, but Star Trek needs to make its most cash in the US.

I'm just going by the numbers. I'd love to see Star Trek in the winner's circle with Skyfall.
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