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Re: What would a TOS spin off look like

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The premise of Voyager was meant to be about getting back to a TOS-style series, with the ship and captain off in the wild frontier and being entirely on their own rather than constantly calling on Starfleet for help and guidance.
Yeah, but TOS didn't have the Enterprise constantly on its own away from the federation, in fact it ran into other Starfleet ships and facilities several times.

(Which, ironically, was what TNG itself was originally meant to be; that series started with the Enterprise-D at the most remote Federation outpost in existence and travelling outward from there. But almost immediately, you had the E-D helping another Starfleet ship in jeopardy, delivering a vaccine to a Federation world, and so on, so that premise never really got started.)
Except thats what TOS did on occasion.
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