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Re: Franz Joseph Blueprints Revisited

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Of course, the one good thing that came out of it is the inspiration to do better. But to do that, I don't think you really need years of research or CGI talents.

That's key I think in the significance of FJ's efforts. It encouraged a lot of fans to emulate him and even go one (or two) better.

Ever since we have gotten ever better schematics of the Enterprise and other ships and props and interiors whether they be straightforward 2D line drawings or coloured illustrations or 3D models. The Technical Manual inspired endless speculation and efforts by fans to fill in the blanks regarding Starfleet infrastructure, fleet deployments and other classes of ships. None of it is canon, but a lot of it is creative, interesting, inspiring and a lot of fun. Masao's Starfleet Museum website is a good example and there are many others. For me Masao's work feels and looks more authentic and consistent with TOS' continuity than what was actually seen onscreen particularly in ENT. I've seen quite a few fan designs over the years that I felt blew away what was actually done onscreen. Yeah, some of it is crude, but it's still imaginative and ever better tools have allowed fans to get results just as good as the pros and sometimes better (probably because fans usually don't have a deadline ).
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