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Re: Earth ship Valiant

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The existence of the Delta Vega station could be taken as evidence of a special effort to build a chain of bases in support of the very mission of exploring the "edge", though: bigger bases closer to home, but automated stations and supply stashes along the route Kirk took and subsequent expeditions would frequent. It's not as if the heroes are surprised by the fact that they are mere light-days away from civilization, after all.
Or Delta Vega wasn't an Earth base in Kirk's log and thus not considered civilization or a likely destination given their emergency situation. Or it might belong to another friendly or neutral power of the Federation but not Earth-owned. Kirk already pointed out the risk that if they couldn't get the parts to repair the ship they would be stuck there for twenty years.

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And what about cases like being chased by the planet killer from "The Doomsday Machine"? If they had Slower-Than-Light impulse engines they wouldn't have a chance being chased by the machine.
The episode was quite clear on the monster being extremely clumsy: even a completely crippled starship could outrun it.
That isn't quite accurate. The "completely crippled" Constellation at max one-third impulse power with Kirk and Scotty had no chance to outrun it. Enterprise with warp engines can outrun it (but just barely) in system. Enterprise with impulse power only but not "completely crippled" (see "Wrath of Khan" or compare to Constellation) could also barely stay ahead but had to deal with the possibility of running out of fuel.

The Doomsday Machine was said in the episode to be generally faster (capable of gaining on the Enterprise) but less maneuverable than the Enterprise. Imagine a large fast car having to make wide turns trying to catch a smaller, slightly slower car that can turn sharper and has better acceleration/deceleration.
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