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Re: Fans raised 2 mil for Veronica Mars Movie- takes me back to 2005!

I didn't realize there was a video re the campaign.

I recall those days, too.

I suspect Kickstarter or Indiegogo could have helped in the sense that the fundraising would have been streamlined and easier, with considerably more confidence in the process. Fans could have, around the globe, contributed rather small amounts (let's face it; people are not going to kick in $1,000 or even $100 - the figures are going to be far closer to $5 and $10).

Twitter and Facebook would have been decent venues for getting the word out, too, but I still don't think $32 mil would have happened and, even if it had, I don't think the show would have been revived (although there would have had to have been considerably more justification by Moonves, et al. to explain why there would be no revival if that kind of $$ was just going to be turned down, flat). I suspect it was a lot more about the plan for JJ Trek which tanked the series, with the ratings helping to grease the way.

The prophecy fulfilled itself rather neatly. TPTB say the show is failing and they can't revive it. JJ comes in and claims he can save the franchise (but not the show, which has been written off) by turning it on its head. TPTB think this is awesome. ENT continues to limp along and TPTB do little to help it, thereby assuring that it fails. They throw the fans a bone with season 4 or maybe even use that as a part of slowly beginning the campaign for JJ Trek.

And they rake in the money either way - DVD sales and the like for ENT and ticket sales for JJ Trek. And years later we are still talking about it, thereby providing additional advertising and promotional work for them. For free.
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