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Re: Classic Who on BBC America

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^ Interesting. So, if my theory holds, no multi-Doctor special. Although, I suppose they could still air The Five Doctors or The Two Doctors. But, could this be a step to not fan the fires for a multi-Doctor special?

I'm surprised they picked Spearhead. It's a bit slow in my opinion and there are better 4 part options available, including Terror of the Autons if they wanted the Autons. I think Terror does a better job with the Autons too and intros the Master. YMMV.

Mr Awe
I think "Spearhead..." does neatly establish the Third Doctor's exile on Earth, the beginning of his association with UNIT, and his official working relationship with the Brigadier--all of them comprising a big chunk of the show's overall history. The Autons might just be gravy, but they could also serve as the link to the show's 2005 revival with "Rose," IMO.
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