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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

Regarding the stupidity of the Propaganda. FOX News and CNBC have both been caught making big stuff up, and at least half of their viewers genuinely eat up every single word they say, and look at the way the Democrats are so sure of what they know, and their views, versus how sure the Republicans are of what they know and their views. It may not be wise to believe every word a Politician says or that the News outlet you watch tells you, but, there's 10s of Millions who do.

Much of (Maybe most of) Reality TV is heavily edited and amongst the most popular TV today and look how many believe every bit of what's on it.

The Public at large is far more gullible then you give them credit for and our Public today doesn't even have many of the circumstances in B5 that assist in their belief or a Night Watch to ensure they stay in line and toe the line. There may be folks in B5 who don't believe, but, non-belief is dangerous and who do you trust with your non-belief? Speaking out is silenced
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