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Re: Green Arrow (CW)

If I'm a shallow person, does that mean my inner smartass is on the outside?

Well, either way, my inner smartass says "The Hood" is at least as dumb as "Green Arrow," especially since the guy's just wearing a muindane hoodie. You'd think people would focus on the rather exotic bow and arrow set, wouldn't you? And since the arrows now come in green and black, that the color would be a handy adjectivie in talking about these guys, no? Thinking an inappropriate nickname is somehow cooler just seems excessively fanboyish to me.

To my mind, it's a splendid example of the writers imposing an idea (a supposedly cooler name, in this case) on the characters instead of writing character specific (aka real) dialogue. Like all the SG-1 characters always said "false gods," as if there were real ones.

Some real people would have interpreted Queen's campaign against the wealthy as terrorism, and call hoodie a terrorist. But the writers seem to have avoided this.
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