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Re: Is Rod Roddenberry kind of a douche?

James T. Vader wrote: View Post
I watched his documentary he made, and one thing struck me was that Majel basically had nothing to say to him. He admitted to being a spoiled punk and didn't get along with his father...
What 16-year-old boy does? And suddenly... Gene was gone!

I was a dinner guest at the Roddenberry mansion in December 1991, only a few months after Gene's passing. Rod turned up for dinner - looking like a typical, longhaired, 16-year-old, LA skater dude, which he was. He was polite and friendly and had normal table manners. He chatted a bit about his studies and told his Mom and grandmother what he'd been up to. Majel had a long-standing rule that "Star Trek" is not mentioned in the house, beyond the door of Gene's home office, so even I was warned beforehand not to raise the subject.

As far as 16-year-old Hollywood teens go, he was no douche. I've certainly known some awful ones and most of them have grown up okay.

I chatted with him a few times via Facebook; he seems more absorbed about diving than ST.

LobsterAfternoon wrote: View Post
He didn't like/know his dad...
Any worse than any kid who loses a career-minded, creative Dad when he's only 16?

And, in the late 70s, he got dragged around to enough ST conventions as a toddler to set it aside as "something Mom & Dad do".

Gary7 wrote: View Post
The "old" Star Trek is a dying franchise and Rod will be left watching it fade into the sunset...
Huh? He and Majel were very complimentary about JJ's first ST movie. Not sure where you're getting the impression that Rod is clinging to the "old" franchise.
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