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Re: Buffy season nine discussion thread

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Nine #19 : Just when I'm about to drop this book, they do something to make me keep it. Major plot progression for once in this book, as we finally are told what is happening to Dawn. Because Dawn is the Key and was made as a magical construct, and Buffy destroyed the Seed last season to save the world, the magic basically was leaving her. Same thing with Dev stole Ilyria's power, she realizes that she should be dead given that Fred died to host her in the first place, but she's still around. So not only is magic gone from the world, or severely depleted, but something is wrong with it as well. Buffy and Xander have yet another fight (that seems to be the only thing that they do in this book). I really want to drop this book (like some of you guys must've done already) but like I mentioned they keep doing stuff to at least make me interested. Maybe this has something to do with Chambliss's writing...the guest writers last season and Joss's presence I think helped break things up...something has been off about this season.
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