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Re: The Orb - a new DS9 podcast

Is there no new podcast this week? I miss my Orb fix. Of course I appreciate what you guys have done, so if there is no show this week I can understand that.

I was thinking this week you guys would do O'Brien. I just watched Whispers and Armageddon Game earlier this week and and started wondering what kind of things you guys will touch on with Miles. I would say him as a family man, him who has the worst luck of all the characters (Not just the torture episodes, but an episode like The Forsaken where the computer treats him as more of an owner to a pet), and how easily people can relate to him. I'm glad he was a carry over from TNG because O'Brien was a great character. Actually I wonder, would it have been nice to see Ben Maxwell again on DS9? Considering the Cardassian situation throughout the entire series, I wonder if that was ever considered.
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