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Re: NBC Sucks! AKA NBC Primetime lowest watched week ever!

tv overall sucks. Broadcast is littered with stale procedurals, recycled storylines, awful reality shows and sff seems to be able to only do limited premise mystery dramas with no direction and horrible writing. It looks like more of the same judging by the pilot season.

cable isn't much better with reality shows featuring stuck up angry women, hillbilllies, pregnant teenagers, and d level Sci fi movies.

and for all the talk about mad men, the walking dead, game of thrones and its ilk I don't see it as being all that entertaining or better. Sure you have more coarse language or gratuitous nudity but at the end of the day they are just plodding pretentious bores.

I find myself preferring to rewatch shows like tng, ds9, voyager, golden girls, Roseanne etc because they are actually entertaining with good casting and decent to great characters not the rapid pacing, lackluster casting, bland characters, conviluting labored storytelling that appears to be en vogue anymore.
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