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Re: Were those Talaxians Neelix rescued even in the Delta Quadrant?

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^but isn't that dialogue completely made up by the doctor (masquerading as Janeway) to convince chakotay to give up the warp core

I think purely from the distance already travelled, they must logically be fairly close to the edge of the delta quadrant at least (though I always assumed they were aiming to cross into the alpha quadrant, not the beta so what do I know)
I agree the Doctor is lying there, but the part about being on this side of the Delta Quadrant/Beta Quadrant border would be accurate. Of course, those thousands of parsecs would extend not just towards the border but also perpendicular to it, above it & below it relative to Voyager's position, so in theory, it might not be as large as it seems in terms of the current position to the Delta/Beta border.
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