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Re: The original plan for Countdown

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Am I wrong in thinking that Denise Crosby is the only actor from any of the five series involved in producing CBS-authorized Trek content? Or do the various fan productions count? That's something, regardless.
I just looked the game up and both Spock actors voice characters in STO, although Quinto is a new EMH not Spock. I know they're not actors, but David R. George III co-wrote the story for one Voyager episode, and David Mack co-wrote two DS9 episodes, so the books have people from the shows involved too. There have been other writers who have done both the books and shows in the past, but I believe they are the only two currently active. Several actors have also written books focused on their characters. Other than the actors doing voice work for the games, I think the books have probably had the most crossover between themselves and the shows.
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