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Re: Lost Girl Season 3

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What the frick are you doing in the season 3 thread?

It must be like time travel?

I started watching after reading posts here, and before spending money on buying the dvds. Since season 1 was only 13 eps and cheaper, I waited until I saw it before investing in season 2's dvds.

I gotta say... so far Kenzi is my fav on this show, especially when she makes allusions to other shows. (I think she called someone a klingon once, iirc.)
I'm kinda in the same boat with you. I just got hooked on the show back in December when I decided to splurge on Seasons 1 & 2 on DVD. I don't know why this show captured my attention in a way that other shows don't. But from the outset, something about the DVD boxes just called to me. And once I learned about Doccubus, other considerations pushed it from the maybe-someday-when-I-get-around-to-it pile (where many other shows are currently languishing unwatched, including Being Human, Fringe, Merlin, Primeval, Sanctuary, Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, and the last half-season of Battlestar Galactica) to the must-watch-now pile. I finished the first 2 seasons in a matter of weeks but I don't have cable, so I'm fairly lost here. I'm constantly torn between my desire to remain spoiler-free and the fact that I'm a sugar addict licking the empty bowl.

But, yeah, Kenzi is awesome! She's the main reason I have any non-prurient interest in the show. She's just so fun! She reminds me of Maria from Roswell.

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Tasmin was hitting on Dyson recently... Mmmmm?

But Tasmin and Lauren don't connect.

So what we got here is two overlapping triangles.

A Love-star-of-David.
Or is this another Quadrangle of Doom like the whole Anders/Starbuck/Apollo/Dee debacle from Battlestar Galatica? (Actually, the might have even been 5 points if you count the Apollo/Dee/Billy stuff.)
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