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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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As a reality TV editor, I can certainly say this is true. But we run circles around the obvious examples in The Illusion of Truth!
Oh, I don't doubt it.

Honestly, I don't mind kirk's Londo bitching because it's just his opinion; he thinks showing Londo's fate in the dead middle of the series was a mistake, most of us don't, hey, whatever. The only time I get kind of bothered by his posts is his assumption that humans in the future living under a totalitarian regime must be like how he views Americans now and not other humans currently living under totalitarian regimes nor the thousands of people and cultures in history who lived in various states of oppression.

There's a great quote from down the line and in a completely different context discussing a different group, but which I think is really fitting: "How many people actually belonged to the Nazi party? The Communist party? The Jihad party? A very small number. But there were always plenty of other people who were happy to do the work for them, and others afraid enough to let it happen."
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