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Re: Did everyone love the three Enterprises scene in TATV?

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Needed more warping into the distance.

And actually seeing Archer make the famous speech in the first place would've been nice.

This was what I was going to say. It would have been really nice if they allowed him to give the actual speech.

What ruined this episode was that the show was canceled. This was the real tragedy. And as a result they had to cram a bunch of stuff in there, very contrived.

I never completely understood all the animosity of bringing in TNG characters (including earlier episodes with Brent Spiner). I thought it added to the show, not took away from it.

Most people I know outside of the nets that like star trek in varying degrees do not like ENT. They think it is ignorable, unimportant, poorly cast, poorly written, poorly directed, and just a joke. I feel TATV helps give it's place in Star Trek.

On this note, I am at least glad they had the commen sense and courtesy to the fans to actually wrap it up. I was a huge fanboy of Terminator scc and still want to face slap Josh Friedman for having such a massive cliffhanger at teh end (strong evidence suggests that he knew there was at least a chance that the show would not get renewed). In fact, I have now noticed there have been a number of sci fi shows over the last 10 years that have been canceled after massive cliffhangers. Imagine Voyagers fans if the show was canceled after season 3?! nerd riots.

At least ENT had the decency to give us an actual ending. And I think tying together all the Enterprise captains was excellent and no disrespect to DS9 or Voyager (as those shows were not the voyages of the starship Enterprise).
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