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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

I have no desire to watch an episode on propaganda. I won't skip it totally, but I think I'll be relying heavily on the fast forward button to keep my sanity, something I haven't been doing with B5. I just can't stand B5's take on this stuff, with propaganda so obvious that a first grader would call bs on it. Don't say "Well, people believe stuff like this all the time". Thats not true, atleast in the more modern world. Sure, people in Iran or North korea may go along with that stuff, but if the US government tried this kind of stupid propaganda in 2013 it wouldn't work at all, so I can't believe it would work better in the future.

Note: this is not an opening to start a conversation on how "The US is already tricking you with propaganda", or any political discussion.
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