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Re: The Gods created Man, Man created the Cylons.

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Google says "It" but I was sure it was a "she" as of 12 seconds ago, which is why I assumed for the last couple years that Zoe was God.
But she wasn't, or at least not exactly. There was a flashback scene in Caprica where she receives the idea for the first cylon from her imaginary friend, a Head Zoe.

I think we can call her Noah. Or possibly Enoch.

Re. the monotheism thing, it's been hinted once or twice that the BSGod a a renegade from a pantheon of gods who wanted to set itself apart from and above the others. Roslin's gal pal Elosha mentions this at some point and Head Six pooh-poohs it, calling it blasphemy. Possibly in a deleted scene.
The Final Five comic book goes with the twelve Lords Of Kobol idea.
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