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Re: The Gods created Man, Man created the Cylons.

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Yeah, the big problem with the theory is that BSG was, at best, the second go-round of the phenomenon, and heavily implied that it's been going on and on for some time. That would mean the humans of BSG and Caprica were, again at best, ''4th generation cylons'' going by your logic. And that completely negates Zoey as God. Unless you assume Caprica was a really, really early prequel measured in thousands of years, and all the familiar names and places were just a massive coincidence.
The Titans were forceably replaced by the Gods in myth.

In the "Coming next fall on Caprica" widget, Sister Clarice was preaching from a pulpit to Cylons on pews... Wherever they got the idea for their One true God, the second they decided to invent silicone Heaven the movement was on their way to reinventing God by some means to factor into controlling the Cylon.

Besides God was just invented to make money for skeevy individuals in the real world, so why not BSG?
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