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I remember enjoying Ishmael a lot. Of course, I grew up in Seattle so "Here Comes the Brides" was pretty hard to miss.
What is "Here Comes the Brides" and could I enjoy the novel without getting the reference(s) ?

"Here Comes the Brides" was an old TV series (1968-1970) about mail-order brides in frontier Seattle. It's been decades since I read Ishmael but I imagine that it's perfectly possible to enjoy the book as a fun time-travel adventure in which Spock ends up in old Seattle even if you've never encountered the "Here Comes the Brides" characters before.

In fact, I suspect that lots of Trekkies have read and enjoyed the book without being aware of the "Here Comes the Brides" connection.
I didn't know it was related to a TV show until reading this thread. I read the book and enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I did like the setting (since I live in Washington state, although I'm not near Seattle). The story overall was entertaining.

As for my reading right now, I'm almost done with To Reign in Hell: The Exile of Khan Noonien Singh. Its a great book. It makes me want to read the other Khan books, except I can't stand Gary Seven (curse you, extremely boring mystery man. If only Assignment: Earth had never been written ). I like how this book portrays Khan and the others, and their story between the events of Space Seed and STII. It actually gave me some sympathy for Khan and his people. sure, they're not good guys, but they went through a lot, probably more than they deserved. I only have one question about something in the book, which I hope will be answered before the book is done

Overall, its been a great book (I have less than 70 pages left, so I can safely say that, unless the last 70 pages totally ruin the book, which is unlikely). After this, I'll be rereading Star Wars: Republic Commando: True Colors, then probably reading some of the sT: Titan books (I've only read the first one, which I'll be rereading first before reading some of the others).

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