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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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Despite what you might think, you still don't know exactly how and why Londo dies. You just don't.
Kirk's world is gonna begin to shatter after he watches 'Into the Fire'

Into the Fire - First off, world not shattered This was an awesome episode, though. The fleet was cool, and the battle scenes this episode were good. The scene were Londo discovered that Morden killed the woman was great. I like how Londo beat Morden, and the shadows forces on his planet. Morden's final fate was exactly what Vir had predicted, which was cool. The big space fight was cool. Seeing Sheridan and delenn talk to both the vorlons and shadows was great. I liked how they stood up to them and got them to leave. Of course, the Shadows aren't completely gone (as seen in the future flashbacks). Either that, or the good guys find another evil race of untold power. Which means I'd have to edit

"Londo dies as a puppet of the shadows who just manages to do one last good thing before he dies at the hands of his enemy"


"Londo dies as a puppet of the [insert alien race name here] who just manages to do one last good thing before he dies at the hands of his enemy"

I can see why people would say I was wrong in that situation. Obviously, if the race that turned Londo into a puppet isn't the shadows, well then its a perfectly acceptable spoiler . I guess that would also mean he makes up for dealing with the shadows, but becomes the ally of another evil group of aliens, dying in disgrace anyway. So, its slightly different than what I expected, but I still know way too much about his death, and the fact that he dies a puppet after having allied with an evil race of aliens. Different, but still a spoiler that should never have been revealed.

Anyway, this was a great episode, but now we'll be going back to the Earth drama Can someone tell me now if The Illusion of Truth (which is coming up soon)is like the other news reporter episode? I could barely stand that one, and seeing it with people actively making propaganda for the Earth government would probably make me break something. Honestly, at this point either the earth and earth military are a) filled with horrible people that could have used a visit from Vorlon planet killer or b) filled with idiots who could probably drown on dry land. I've been glad that the earth stuff has been shoved to the side for awhile, but it looks to be making a comeback, more annoying than before. I'm honestly ok with some of it, and if it would just have more military people defect and maybe have a few continents on earth rebel I wouldn't have as big a problem, but I'm dreading the return of stories based on how humans are actually stupider as a race in the future then they are in 2013. I don't want to spend 40 minutes watching EarthGov propaganda. If its an episode told normally involving ISN, fine, but I'm not going to watch a story with the propaganda people told from their perspective.
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