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Re: Thoughts on "Valiant"?

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Curious anything thats not been said.

We all know that The "Captain" Is a wacko.

Any other observations.

I think that Nog got tossed the idiot ball, and holds it till the last 5 minutes, when shoves it at the dieing girl who holds it till the end of the episode.

Just watched it recently. I think you nailed it on the head. I disagree with many of the replies. Nog DID get the 'idiot ball' and dropped it in the last 30 seconds.

I do not know if I would call the captain "wacko" but he definitely lost touch. I do not know ALL of the Starfleet protocols, but I am sure he broke many.

This brings me to my quesion, would they have had time/ablity to download the intel on the vessel in the escape pods? Does this thing happen automatically? Would Starfleet allow escape pods to contain such info?

If not then the entire mission was a failure. This was a very important mission - to get intel on the most dangerous ship of their enemy.

What if no one survived? Then the intel would have definitely been lost thus making the entire mission a complete failure of epic proportions. And don't forget, they lost a valuable ship as well. It seems there are not many of those types (I only know of 2 - the valiant and the defiant)

As for Sisko, he should have pointed out that the mere question "where are you from?" would not send a real Starfleet officer on an emotional bender. This proves that she is either not ready or not qualified for such a mission. SHe should have been relieved of duty on the spot.

ALso, dropping his dads name should have put some sense into some of the cadets. Part of being a good officer (or a good person - at least according to Socrates) is knowing your limits as well as your strengths. Being a good captain involves not going on suicide missions unless there is no other choice.

As the girl at the end gave her opinion that it was 'they' who failed the captain and not the other way around, I disagreed with this until I realized that it was true in the sense that someone should have relieved him of command. This was their failure.
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