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Re: 80's albums that hold up on any level

Brothers In Arms - Of its time, but nonetheless a timeless classic.

Various Positions by Leonard Cohen - initially didn't even get a release in North America despite boasting such luminaries as Dance Me To The End Of Love, If It Be Your Will and Hallelujah. The recording does have a kind of aloof and studio-bound feel to it, but this is the case with many an eighties album.

The Works by Queen - only nine songs if I recall, but when those songs include Radio Ga Ga, I Want To Break Free and Hammer To Fall, what's to complain about? Brian May in particular is on top form on this album. Freddie's voice tends to get the credit, but I always thought that this was the quintessential supergroup, with a certain je ne sais quoi at work between its disparate elements.
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