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Re: Spoilers: Is This [Spoiler]'s Original Enterprise?

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I think its April's Enterprise...If you look at the pics of the Kirk Enterprise falling to Earth and its all battle damaged the name Enterprise is blown off perfectly.

I guessing the scene of the Kirk Enterprise falling to Earth is the aftermath of the big reveal that Marcus and Harrison are in cohoots. Marcus or Harrison annoucing something to the effect there is only one Enterprise and its not the new flagship one. Im guessing the attack on the Enterprise is specific beyond that of the other attacks that happen on Earth, that it might be a symbol of something more than just revenge to the antagonists.

But hey that's based on what I've seen preview-wise and what ive read here. Was there an Enterprise between the NX-01 and the one we have now? There is plenty of room in the story to say there was and maybe it just disappeared along with its crew and was listed as lost, thus the need for the new one being built in Star Trek 2009.

It could go along with the original timeline a little more in that originally (per memory alpha) the Enterprise was built in
2245 and I think Kirk took command in 2265 after April and Pike. Kirk was born in 2233. This would've made him around 32, in season 2 we have "the deadly years" where he stated he is 34 so its close. The Enterprise could've been built in the year 2245 in the alternate reality too with April in command. In the AR Kirk would've been 12 stealing his uncle's vette. But something happens (movie maguffin) and the Enterprise is lost, thus causing a new Enterprise to be built in 2255 when Kirk is 23 and then of course with him in command at around 25 or 26 in the year 2258. Wait I think my math is wrong....

Anyhow that would mean that 2009's Enterprise is technically an Enterprise A. Maybe they don't do the whole a,b,c thing in the alt reality. But it would be a great plot twist in that the orig Enterprise went missing with only a few survivors only to return and be a part of the revenge terrorism that Harrison is supposed to cause.

Speculation is fun...but that is all it should be!!
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