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Re: Voyager Relaunch: Will Future Janeway be found alive in the Delta

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I think one of the stated goals of going back to the Delta Q, outside of finding out if the Borg are well and truly vanquished, was to combination mend-fences Voyager may have busted and find out how the years have been to some DQ species?

Anyway, I just wish we had more than one Voyager novel a year. I've grown weary of TNG/TOS. But that's all that sells, I guess. Least the TNG (read: Typon) stuff incorporates (or more) with DS9. That's something.
Having the new TNG Ebook coming out soon reminded me how that recently I've thought it would be nice to maybe have a Voyager Ebook novella come out in between the novels (if "only" coming out every year or so). It wouldn't have to be a big "danger" type story, maybe just a day-in-the life tale of the crew going about their duties, and showing a little more about the characters being on Voyager back in the Delta Quad.
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