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Re: Campaign to Restore William Shatner's STV TFF for Blu-ray spec. ed

The eleventh film in the franchise isn't that far removed in tone from the fifth at times. Comparing the look of those films is as far removed as TOS is from Star Wars though. It doesn't help that the FX aren't even up to standard of Star Treks either side of it, which compare more favourably to 2009. Obviously a lower budget and fewer FX shots, but impressive and beautiful when they do happen.

Uhura's fandance is no more awful than numb tongue and casting aspersions about Kirk enjoying farmyard animals.

In both instances, I always sit wishing there had been a better way to get that bit of storytelling from A to B. You need to distract some guards. You need to get Kirk into a scrap or impart information about a lightning storm. There are ways and means, which don't involve stooping to those kind of lows. In my opinion obviously. As if any of my keystrokes are likely to be anyone else's!
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