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Re: Convention Circuit - Least Favorite Person Associated With Trek?

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I would like to meet the cast of Enterprise, but note that Blalok is described as an "airhead", thats a bit disappointing.
Picardo, Auberjonois, Spiner, Nimoy would interest me greatly, but reading reports on here its probably best that I will never meet them, only to be underwhelmed.

Also, the fact that so many con goers are dressed as Cardassians, Orions, Andorrians and God Forbid, Klingons, must be very, very offputting for some of the actors in question, I mean surely you can be a fan of Trek without dressing like a dick ?
OK, first of all, Jolene is not a regular on the convention circuit.

Second of all: Very few fans wear costumes at conventions (unless they are participating in contests).

Feel better?
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