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Re: Dallas - Season 2

I disagree wholeheartedly. Josh Henderson gets better with each episode this season. Jesse Metcalfe grates on my nerves whenever he starts to go into super-self-righteous mode. Patrick Duffy was at least likeable when he'd get that way on the old show; Metcalfe just gets steamed up and indignant. You don't believe he'd knock John Ross out for his troubles the way Bobby would sometimes take on J.R. when J.R. would go too far. Too, on the old show, Bobby and J.R. were usually up against one another and on their own in doing so. In the new show, John Ross has Sue Ellen. Christopher has Elena, Bobby, Ann... the stakes don't seem to matter as much if the family takes sides or if Bobby has to swoop in to solve Christopher's problems. If anyone's a pissant, it's Christopher.

There was a great moment a week or two ago, when John Ross and Sue Ellen confronted Bobby and everyone with the news that they were taking over Ewing Energies. (This was in the hostage episode.) Bobby goes looking for J.R. and John Ross follows, going out of the room and into a hallway. Bobby pushes John Ross out of the way and storms off, followed by Christopher, Elena, et al. Moments later, John Ross follows, but he's not in any hurry at all.

It was such a simple, powerful choice in his performance that said volumes about the character and how he (and, I'd wager, the writers and director) understand the character.

Henderson has that (fledgling) twinkle in his eye that Hagman brought to J.R. and I for one can't think of a better actor to carry on the role.
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